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they reinvented one of america's iconic brands. but can this man keep americans lining up for another cup of joe? it's a "nightline" exclusive. >>> are you smarter than a 4-year-old? there's a lot more to kid's play than meets the eye. need proof? we sit in on the experiments that show us that your child may be a lot smarter than you think. >>> and, sweet child. top hat, sunglasses on, and the unmistakable guitar riffs. he needs just one name. slash is tonight's "play list." >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, martin bashir and cynthia mcfadden in new york city, this is "nightline," april 2nd, 2010. >> good evening, i'm terry moran. we begin tonight with coffee, and the star of the massive multibillion dollar industry. whether or not you call yourself a starbucks fan, it is nearly impossible to avoid the coffeehouse chain. it is the world's largest. a daily pit stop for millions of americans. but starbucks is not without competition, and their phones are eager to see them fail, and that may have happened, if it wasn't for the man you are about to meet, who retu
are stranded across europe, africa asia and the americas. >> 5-year-old looking forward to seeing mickey mouse. really upset. >> the plane is stuck because of a volcano. >> there's nothing you can do, so we will make the best out of it. >> reporter: von call noll gists say it's impossible to predict how much longer this volcano will continue belching ash into the atmosphere. could be days, could be years. and depending on which way the wind blows, there could be a lot more disruption to come in our skies. tonight, the british extended their air space lockdown until 1:00 p.m. tomorrow. there are 1200 flights scheduled to take off from heathrow tomorrow, and george, there's a fair chance that none of them will make it. >> could be a long weekend for a lot of people. thanks, nick. as nick said, volcanic ash can pose all kinds of problems for airliners. and while the scale of today's eruption might be rare, the threat is not. over the years, at least 126 aircraft have had serious encounters with ash clouds. lee a sfashg h lisa stark has the story. >> reporter: this was the view just two months ago
america. a group is here, walking and cleaning up from maryland all the way to san francisco, california. keeping our waterways and highways clean. that's good stuff because we need clean waterways. >> can you do the back of my car? >> so, they have a lot of good information to tell us. we also have a great segment, girls getaways. i was looking at some of these. they are talking about the eastern shore and hyatt. i'm thinking about a girls getaway for myself. >> weekend getaway? >> yes. >> good deal. megan is away. she's getting weighed in now. at brick dies. she'll have the results tomorrow morning. >>> today's hot topic. do you spank your child? a new study says parents who do spank their children may be doing more harm than good. a leading doctors' group says what -- whacking kids on the backside can backfire. >> reporter: there's a time-honored phrase that says spare the rod spoil the child but a new study from the american academy of pediatrics suggests that corporal punishment may actually increase aggressive behavior. a survey of 2,500 mothers in the may issue of the journal ped
, president obama will have a power showdown with america's big banks. the banks announced huge profits today, for the first three months of this year. just as the president prepares his trip to wall street on thursday. he wants congress to take on the banks, the financial risk and secrecy. the banks say the economy will pay a price. tonight, we're going to bring you both sides of this duel, beginning with jake tapper at the white house. he covers the president. jake? >> reporter: good evening, diane. finance shl regulatory reform is an incredibly complicated, in the wields debate, but president obama talks about it in stark terms, almost as if he sees himself as a sheriff in the wild west, trying to clean up a criminal casino. painting a picture of some of these unregulated financial markets, president uses words such as gamble and bet. the chips are the economy. >> we can't allow financial institutions. the same recklessness that nearly brought down our entire economy. using money and connections to stack the deck. >> reporter: and in this good guys versus bad guys drama he describes, the p
nice looking. we will have it for you coming up. >>> now the latest on the boy scouts of america sex scandal. a oregon jury found the organization kneeingly jept for repeated sexual abuse by a scout master and awaded the plaintiff $1.4 million. they decided could you tell us are liable for punitive damages as well, that will be decided in a separate phase of the trial there is ra happy ending to reports about a girl who had been missing since friday. naudia bloom was rescued from a agator invest -- alligator infested swamp. she has a variation of autism and disappeared on friday afternoon. her parents heard she was inspired to go exploring from a book from the american girls series. crews found nothing until a lone volunteer ventured in to the woods. his wife said he was unable to sleep until naudia was found he said the lord and i will do it just fine. i will keep you informed. the next thing i did was i got a text message after 9:00 that says she is safe in my arms. >> rescue teams helped deliver her to safety. authorities says their investigation isn't over yet. >>> cleaning up th
. one was aerch offered a job to stay in the lone star state. and coming up on "good morning america," live updates from iceland, london, more tales from right here in the u.s. of people living at the airport. >>> now to the other big story this morning, toyota is about to agree to pay a record fine. it stems from the companies's failure in the right way about his gas pedals. t.j. winick has details. >> reporter: according to the federal government, toyota knew about the problem about sudden acceleration and sticky pedals in 2009, but it waited until january of this year to tell regulates. later today, auto giant will agreed to pay a $6.4 million fine. the maximum penalty allowed. >> i think this is another black eye for toyota because it shows that the company didn't care about safety, that it covered up the issue in the united states. >> reporter: while toyota is likely to say they admit no wrongdoing, according to a senior transportation official, by paying the full civil penalty, tot is accepting the responsibility for hiding the safety defect in violation of the law. >> toyota w
to meet alex, he is cool. cancer treatment centers of america, they are here talking about natural pathic medicine. we will find out if it's a good option for you. >>> two ladies we invited. in they written the book. it's going to break the myth about our teenagers. we have the book. what to do when you are expecting and all those kinds of books. they have written a teen book. cracks the code on teenagers. i'm excited about that. >>> here is a brand new book, roots of steel. anybody from baltimore has somebody who knows somebody that worked at the point. roots of steel. it's a great book about our dundalk area. jam packed show. >>> talk about a family feud. orioles not exciting on the field, they are off of it. long time orioles beat writer rose enthat is all -- saying cyle want ted back in to the orioles organization. anglo said no. rose enthat'll said that anglos didn't want rip kind to take the credit. angelos told the baltimore sun this is false. ricken never asked to join the front office. rip kind said he had talks with manager. he said i enjoyed the talks very much. yes the subject
later, those original rebel kids have reunited for one more dance. ♪ >>> good morning, america. i'm bill weir. >> good morning, everyone i'm ashleigh banfield. it's sunday april 18th. president obama is one of the millions whose travel plans have been thwarted from the ash cloud in the ice land dick volcano. he was supposed to be in poland attending the funeral for that country's president. it's too dangerous even for air force one. >> this is the most sweeping disruption since 9 swlsh/1 1 take a look at this photo. this shows power of nature. a lightning storm above the eruption. here's a photo of neal karlinsky, he went right into the ash storm to see what it's like in the darkness. he's live at the foot of the volcano. he'll join us in just a moment. >>> also this morning a battle is brewing on the massive financial reform bill. the press president is vowing to get new reform rules for wall street passed in the senate. but the republicans are opposed to the plan, saying it's another bank bailout. and now it's getting personal. >>> what can old dogs teach us about avoiding cancer. one
is a result of these comments in which she say it's mind boggling to suggest that america is not a christian nation. >> our founding father were believers. >> reporter: the idea it was founded as a christian company is an article of faith in some circles. >> when they looked at the writings and found it was quoted, the most quoted source was the bible. >> reporter: is this correct? mainstream historians say no, if you look at personal letters, it's clear that they did not want to make christianty the primary government. >> reporter: they left out any mention of god or jesus in the constitution except when they noted the date in the year of our lord and in the first amendment, they out lawed any state religion. thomas jefferson, the man who wrote in the declaration of independence, he was not a christian, he believed that god created the universe but no longer intervenes in human affairs. many people leave that but not making christianity the official religion, there's a competitive atmosphere in which faith has thrived. >>> of course we want your two cents on the hot topic, christianity a
in america. that bill was responsible for taking us more than 90% of the way to a balanced budget. people didn't realize its benefits. the same thing is happening with the health care bill where people are still reading in to it all manner of dark things and they haven't felt benefits of it yet. but america is a different country now. we are culturally different country. more diverse, in other words we solve these problems together. the intent is intense if not more intense but i think the outcome of the election is likely to be far less dramatic than it was in '94. >> no republican revolution, no takeover. >> i don't think it will. if history is any guide, they should make a few gains but i don't expect them to win either, no. >> let's talk about why you're here, cgiu. clinton global initiative university. what is different that changes about the previous models for natural service for young people that already exist? >> well, what doe wie did is try to construct a college version of the clinton global initiative that happies at the opening of the u.n. every year, where we brought in the
off about the worst companies in america. >>> ehrlich versus o'malley. we understand. but did you expect a conflict between l.l. cool j. and sarah palin? >>> i know you've been frustrated with customer service, but there's a complaint that just won't get resolved. they have a website now you can really sound off on. >> wants you to choose the worst company in america. banks, retailers, cable companies, the more you name it the bracket style competition is 32 companies including comcast, bank of america, toyota, verizon and wal-mart. but there can only be one winner. >> all the companies in our bracket were submitted and voted on by consumerist readers. people are going off about their dealings with them. >> they'll crown a winner april 26th. go to >>> let's fill out our own bracket with this weather. beautiful weather coming up. good morning, justin. >> this is exactly what we need. check out these temperatures. massive flooding continuing across the northeast. this one from connecticut. that pizza may be soggy. flooding waters gushing everywhere. so
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and personal topics. >>> kevin uebanks is leaving jay leno, after 18 years of leading america into commercial breaks he says he wants to finish a song. he says it's time for a career change but didn't say what the change would be. he said "the tonight show" was a wonderful experience. he became musical director after bradford marsalis left in 1995. >>> a plan to save the city money saves jobs. >> but costs you. new proposed fees. >> new taxes and new fees to balance the baltimore city budget. i'm sherrie johnson. coming up, i'll tell but some parking fees you need to know about. >> plus, a shocking statement from the vatican number two man about priests abusing young boys. >> and a rough day at the ballpark. not just on the field. michael phelps may have been there but it was not pretty. >> officers say one thing but it's hard to argue with what you see in front of you. just what happened at the university of maryland. Ñ >>> april 13, 15 minutes away from "good morning america" at 7:00. >> justin berk is here. >> beautiful day yesterday, 71 degrees with sun. today will be different. 45 now
for her public service in one of america's most turbulent eras. joe johns, cnn, washington. >>> in the battle against the bulge, america is losing and sugar may be partly to blame. if you are on the losing end, it may not be your fault. why researchers say you could be fighting an unfair battle. >>> these little critters love to hang around in the summer. we'll explain how to keep the annual visitors to maryland from stinking up your plans to head outdoors. >>> taking a look now at the highland school in bel air. we'll be right back. now pay just $99.99 a month for verizon fios tv, internet and phone -- guaranteed for two years! it's an amazing offer that could save you hundreds of dollars. call now to lock in this guaranteed low price for two years. with 100% true fiber optics to your home, fios delivers the future and gives you more of what cable doesn't. the best channel lineup and more hd. america's top-rated internet. even facebook and twitter on your tv. enjoy a bigger, better entertainment experience. and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you'll pay the sa
to ratify this agreement, a tough task for both men. the president told "good morning america's" george stephanopoulos that fewer nuclear weapons will boost national security. >> i will also say to those in the senate who have questions, is that, this is absolutely vital for us to deal with the broader issues of nuclear proliferation, that are probably the number one threat. >> reporter: beyond their own arms reductions, the two presidents are getting closer to a multilateral agreement on sanctions to keep nuclear weapons out of iran. that issue will be front and center next week when the two presidents, along with the leaders of 45 countries, meet for the nuclear summit in washington. now, late last night the president got word that israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu will not be attending his summit. he is sending his dipty in his place. that's a big blow to the president and analysts say it could signal a growing rift between america and israel. vinita? >>> sarah palin is blasting the president for signing that treaty with russia. palin said no administration in american histor
for america's future in space. >> his plan is a major revision of previous policy and is already drawing criticism from some of the nation's past heroes in space. t.j. winick joins us from washington with details. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: good morning, vinita. under the president's plan, nasa will encourage private companies to build their own spaceships to ferry astronauts to the international space station. under the bush administration, nasa's goal was to send an american astronaut to the moon for a seventh time. the obama administration wants, instead, focus on getting to mars. today, in cape canaveral, florida, at the kennedy space center, the president will unveil his plan to take nasa in a new direction. >> what the president will outline represents our best opportunity and our best effort to get this agency and program back on pace to put astronauts and rockets into space, as the president so strongly desires. >> reporter: while famed astronaut neil armstrong has publicly criticized the president's plan, another space pioneer, buzz aldrin, supports the changes. >> i totall
calorie fast food in america? the health care bill will make sure you do. >>> and, perfect pitch. one little bird joins a singing planet, thanks to our "persons of the week." >>> good evening. and on this good friday, we begin with new jobs. the most robust jobs report in three years. 162,000 more people found work last month. and though the unemployment rate is stuck at 9.7%, the country is a far cry from what we saw one year ago, when nearly 780,000 people, that red bar, they were losing jobs every single month. and now, some jobs are back, and our business reporter bianna golodryga is here. she's been pouring over the numbers to el us who got them. >> reporter: good evening, diane. while the stock market was closed today in observation of good friday, odds are, had it been open, traders would have finished the week on a positive note. after two years of job losses, march proved to be a turning point. today's numbers say it all. america is back in business. the president said as much in a speech today at a factory in north carolina. >> the economy actually produced a substantial num
. ♪ >>> good morning, america. i'm bill weir. happy easter on this april 4th. >> happy easter, everybody. i'm sharyn alfonsi in today and today is a celebration for christians around the world. just moments ago pope benedict finished saying easter mass at st. peter's basilica and in a rare move the top cardinal addressed the pope saying the church would not be intimidated by petty gossip. we'll have a live report from the vatican in just a moment. >>> also, a prominent american priest who has some harsh criticism for the way the vatican is handling this. >>> also, tiger woods, big week for him. he's back on the golf course tomorrow, a practice round at augusta for the masters. finally will hold a press conference. he has a lot to prove on and off the course. we'll get that with a sports psychiatrist and experts on that. >> i wonder if his wife will be there. >>> a dramatic rescue in new york after a toddler falls 20 feet into the east river. her father and a stranger dive in to save her. it was caught on tape. it's a great piece of video. >>> we do begin with the vatican where pope benedict
>>> good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm robin roberts. it's monday, april 26th. inside the heart of the stone. our cameras follow the massive tornado from louisiana to mississippi. rescue crews still searching for survivors. we're live on the scene. >>> and financial showdown. we have an exclusive interview with the key republican senator. >>> also, the fda is expected to greenlight the first vaccine to fight cancer. >>> and you remember her, lost for four days. now this brave little girl and her family join us for the first time since her miraculous rescue. >> got to love that early morning smile. and welcome back. tell us about your adventure. >> so, i'm gone a couple days, george, you change the place. back to the future here. >> this is all new for me. right here in the middle here of times square. >> best seat in the house. there was more dangerous weather overnight. but the big story this morning, the 250-mile path of destruction cut by as massive twister in g, mississippi. ten people killed there. hundreds of homes damaged or destroyed. trees uproote
love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >>> good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm robin roberts on this monday, april 19th. and this morning -- global standstill. millions stranded by the ash cloud blanketing the skies. as britain sends naval warships. >>> and war of words. the israel prime minister says if they nation doesn't stop the nuclear program, israel will. >>> fight for premium. stop the an american student convicted of murder overseas says there's no proof she was even at the scene of the crime. will her appeal be heard? >>> and we want to tell you why you may have to ban beer in your future super bowl party. the new 3-d tv sets come with a warning. if you drink, don't watch. >>> well, a merry monday to everyone. i hope everyone's had a terrific weekend but not those trying to catch a flight somewhere. >>> i felt lucky getting out of washington just in time. european ministers are meeting today to discuss when and how they'll reopen airspace over europe. more than 20 countries are affected, and the volcano is still affective. right now, it's s
a smarter planet. somewhere in america... there's a home by the sea powered by the wind on the plains. there's a hospital where technology has a healing touch. there's a factory giving old industries new life. and there's a train that got a whole city moving again. somewhere in america, the toughest questions are answered every day. because somewhere in america, more than sixty thousand people spend every day answering them. siemens. answers. ♪ [ male announcer ] every business day, bank of america lends nearly $3 billion dollars to individuals, institutions, schools, organizations and businesses in every corner of the economy. america. ♪ growing stronger. every day. >>> >>> coming up next the "roundtable" and sunday fun nis. . funnies. " >>> you know, with my work as a contributor on foxnews an my new tlc reality show, "sarah palin's alaska" just seemed the most logical state is launch my own network. do you hate gotcha journalism? hey journalist, i gotcha. or i make it look like they were wh woefully unprepared. >> so, katie, what newspapers do you read? it's an easy question, katie. >
set our sights much higher than just returning to the moon. that's not america. america leads and should be leading in space. >> reporter: in addition to a $6 billion boost for nasa already announced, president obama is expected to reveal a new heavy lift rocket development program. there's the $40 billion initiative to help the florida coast transform its economy and a plan to renovate the kennedy space center. >> reporter: the white house insists they are putting an end to programs that officials say are years behind schedule and millions overbudget. t.j. winnick abc news washington. >>> we always ask what you think. we want to know about what you think about nasa's future. what do you think of president obama's goal for nasa? we posted the story this morning. already gotten comments. tonya writes in: i feel like we're going backwards, not forwards. patricia writes: remember this next election. >>> all right, your time's up. we have 15 days to go. it's april 15th. this is it, the last time to get your taxes off to uncle sam. expect long lines and local post offices. they've
of what cable doesn't. the best channel lineup and more hd. america's top-rated internet. even facebook and twitter on your tv. enjoy a bigger, better entertainment experience. and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you'll pay the same low price year after year. call now and you'll also get a free dvr for 6 months. get it all for just $99.99 a month with a two-year agreement -- a price guaranteed for two years! don't wait. call 1.877.fios.big. that's 1.877.fios.big. this is beyond cable. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities this is fios. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. of >>> thank you so much for joining us. a live picture. something i feel we have not seen in a while. >> we told kitty kelley that richard sher would be here to listen in on the comment. >> we go back. >> we do. >> to the oprah days. >> early 1980s. >> 1981. >> this is what it looked like back then. in 1981. >> was she -- what was she in for? >> two years. she robbed a bank. >> no, i came to "people are talking" to promote a book. richard and oprah came out. they were charming. oprah was really a little
'll hear from a man who trusted this canine to lead the way. >>> good morning, america. i'm bill weir. >> good morning, bill, good morning, everyone, i'm bianna golodryga. saturday, april 24th. weather is a big story this morning. the south part of the country is waking up to a rare, severe weather alert. tornadoes and driving rain throughout the region last night. much more is expected today. marysol will have much more on that coming up. >>> we also have rare good news about the economy this morning. no one expected new home sales to surge as much as they did. in march, the biggest increase since kennedy was in the white house. but will it last especially since the tax incentives expire. >>> also, a surprising story out of utah. a convicted killer who asked to be put to death by a firing squad. and the judge granted his wish. now, his decision is renewing questions about the death penalty and whether the firing squad is cruel and unusual punishment. >>> but we do begin with that controversial immigration law that set off a fiery debate across america and lass the land. mike von frem
on the big boys. she joins us with her hot pink car hours before the big race. >>> good morning, america, i'm bill weir. >> and i'm bianna golodryga. it's sunday, april 25th. >>> and it was a mignightmare i mississippi and other southern states. the tornado was a mile wide when it went through parts of mississippi, lifting roofs off buildings, homes. the governor said the aftermath looks like hurricane katrina. nothing left standing in some places. he's now calling a state of emergency in that hard-hit area. >>> at least ten people killed, three of them children. dozens treated at area hospitals. there were as many as 54 tornadoes across the south yesterday. hitting seven states but the worst of it in yazoo city, mississippi. some parts of the city has been completely destroyed. they are now getting their first real look at how bad the damage is. matt gutman is there, good morning, matt. >> good morning, bianna. meteorologists aren't really sure whether was one deadly tornado or several equally ferocious ones that carved that path of destruction across the state. what is clear in yazoo city
>>> good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm robin roberts. it's thursday, april 15th. this morning, breaking news. all flights suspended at some of the world's busiest airports, after a volcano erupts in iceland. why the clouds of ash are grounding planes here in the u.s. >>> also this morning, russian officials announce they will suspend all adoptions by americans, after that tennessee mom sent her adopted 7-year-old back to russia, alone on a plane. >>> the next, big battle. democrats unveil their plan to reel in the big banks. but republicans say it will just lead to more bailouts. is that true? we ask a top republican, if the two sides can somehow come together. >>> the parents of that 11-year-old autistic girl speak out about their daughter's rescue from the florida swamp, as our cameras show how treacherous it was. >>> look at this. lighting up the sky and phone lines, from missouri to michigan. >>> boy. that is not your average falling star. >> we're not going to see as many planes in the sky because that volcano is bringing air traffic to a grindin
be grounded. >>> plus, fired up. tea party activists unveil their contract from america, calling for the tax code to be scrapped. ♪ >>> and the emotional reunion for war heroes who liberated millions from nazi death camps. it's friday, april 16th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >>> happy friday to you. >> tax day's over, too. >> tax day's over. >> that's the best reason -- >> the weekend is almost here. lots to celebrate. we'll do that this half hour and throughout the morning. hope you stay with us. good morning. i'm jeremy hubbard. >> and i'm vinita nair. well, that plume of volcanic ash that is a virtual wall over the sky in the northern atlantic and northern europe is what we're talking about today. it may even affect president obama's trip to poland this weekend. >> it began spreading right after a remote volcano in iceland erupted two days ago. for the latest now we're joined by john hendren in washington. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, jeremy and vinita. this morning thousands of passengers bound for europe are stranded and wondering just when
owes america $45 billion. that is how much stock we, the taxpayers, own. but if they can make real money, the treasury can sell that stock in the next year or two and maybe, just maybe, get most of it back. and then, diane, both presidents bush and obama can take credit for saving hundreds of thousands of jobs at a cost far lower than anyone thought. >> what a differences a year makes. thank you, bill weir. we wondered with gm repaying their loan, how many ious are still out there? so, we asked david muir to bring us up to date, in one minute. >> reporter: just who oechls us what? after the news from gm, we wondered, what about chrysler? taxpayers gave them $14 billion, and so far, they've paid back just a fraction, leaving us with an iou of more than $12 billion. so the question now is, are we going to recoup the chrysler money? >> i think we will, but it will take longer. >> reporter: and what about the banks? of the nine major banks bailed out, only one now hasn't paid up, citi group. taxpayers gave them $45 billion. they've paid back less than half. another iou to the taxpayers
. we'll have more on the shutdown from london and iceland, coming up on "good morning america." >>> there's good news this morning for the hundreds of thousands whose unemployment benefits have run out. president obama signed a bill restoring those benefits. those who were getting checks can reapply and get the money they missed retroactively. >>> republicans say that unemployment bill adds $18 billion to the deficit. deficit and government spending were the subject of rallies of tea parties around the country. there were rallies demanding strict fiscal policies and an end to what some called gangster government. jonathan karl went to the rally in washington. >> reporter: they came to washington, angry about president obama's policies, to be sure. but also angry at the way they've been portrayed. >> we've been called racist. >> don't -- we've been called a lot of things we're not. >> the only thing we want is obama to be more conscious with our money and not be wasteful. that's it. doesn't make us racist. >> reporter: many of them blamed us, the news media. >> you know what, b
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believe my product was proper. >> reporter: in an interview to air on "good morning america," blankfein refused to say that goldman is being singled out. >> we surely aren't the only financial firm. and i think, in most of these markets, we were not the largest or even a large participant, compared to others. so, i can wish that the focus wasn't so disproportionately on us. but i'm not making any claims of unfairness. >> reporter: democrats had hoped that hearing would help them move ahead with financial reform. but with no republican support right now, the gop blocked a vote in the senate for the second-straight day. jeremy and vinita? >> all right. t.j. winick in washington. thanks. >>> and we'll have more from claire shipman's interview with lloyd blankfein later on "good morning america." >>> some politics now. our new poll must caused some serious concern for members of congress. 57% of voters we asked said they will look around for someone else to vote for in november. that's the lowest level of incumbent support since 1994. asked what party they will support in the fall. 48% say
. and a hot 91 in phoenix. >>> and just ahead on "america this morning," the white house chief of staff admits he's got his eyes on another job. >>> plus, new details on the attack that put data for millions of google users into the hands of hackers. >>> and nature's fury. our reporter travels to the top of that iceland volcano. [ wind blowing ] ♪ [ female announcer ] when is it okay to lose the cover-up? ♪ when you can. take the special k challenge... and lose an inch from your waist in two weeks. so lose your cover-up, and show off your confidence. design your plan at erase all those little voices in your head that say, "look at that wrinkle." [ female anno.cer ] introducing the eraser foundation from maybelline. the breakthrough? our patented applicator and concentrated formula with collagen goes beyond covering, actually micro-corrects, micro-erases. it's genius. [ female announcer ] age spots. erase them. [ female announcer ] crow's feet, fine lines. erase them more completely. [ female announcer ] for ultimate flawless perfection, the eraser foundation, only from maybel
by and waiting. >> lama hasan in london this morning. thanks, lama. >>> later on "good morning america," we take a closer look at whether there is still a doing from that big volcano. >>> back here at home, big banks are gearing up for a battle over more government regulation. president obama and congressional lawmakers appear close to an agreement on a bill that would regulate the financial industry. t.j. winick is joining us from washington with the latest. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: good morning. the president is determined to pass financial reform. and we're seeing the battle take shape on wall street and on capitol hill. when it comes to pushing financial reforms for wall street, the president sounds ready for a showdown. >> what we've seen is an army of industry lobbyists, from wall street, descending on capitol hill. if these folks want a fight, it's a fight i'm ready to have. >> reporter: the white house is focused on derivatives. essentially bets between power players on wall street and around the world, whether certain businesses will succeed or fail. >> part of what led to this c
it will hurt america's leadership in space. but another space pioneer, buzz aldrin came out in favor of the changes. >> i think we should set our sights higher than just returning to moon. that is not america. america leads and should be leading in space. >> listen to this, the president's plan includes developing a big new rocket ship capable of reaching a nearby asteroid. >>> we got ourselves a gorgeous day and the temperatures back into the 70s today and tomorrow and the showers bring us back a cooler weekend as we slide to a high of 65 on saturday, 60 on sunday. but it should be a drier day. we have more on the morning weather coming up in a moment. here's a quick peek of traffic with troy. >>> 695 and liberty road, traffic is moving freely. there are water main breaks at route 22 and 40 blocking the right lane. and one in baltimore city at virginia avenue and only. >>> cut taxes and spending. but if you're going to do one, you have to do the other. >> they call it a rally for change. tea partiers take their voice to the nation's capitol and towson today. >>> new information abou
, sony picture, star bucks and virgin america are the advertisers. they are to be called out as ads on top of search results. twitter users will see the ads when they search for topics being tweeted about. if it's not faded by users or searched for it will disappear. >>> fast food giant is hoping to speed up the remake of its u.s. restaurants, kind of turning them in to cozier places. offering financial assistant to franchisers willing to revamp their restaurants -- mcdonald's restaurants. >>> today would have been a good day to sit inside mc cafe. >> exactly. murky day. rain out there throughout the afternoon. whether he see more of this this evening. the commute probably little worse than normal. then improvements start tomorrow. not bad. brief april showers. looking outside, murky, cloudy, rain still coming down to a certain degree. we are seeing improving rain trend from north to south. we will show you that in a second. kind of a gray april day. you got to have some of those. 48 degrees, that's a chilly current temperature at dwi. we got in to the 50s today. northeast wind is c
him tried as an adult. could this child be america's youngest lifer. >> a man tries to clear a problem at a laundry only to be sucked to his death. one of lany 14 americans killed each day on the job. how unsafe is your workplace? "nightline" investigates. >> plus, we heard that. gordon brown is the latest star. >> they should have never put me with her. >> to george bush, to joe biden. he's got plenty of company. it's a brief history of how a hot mike becomes a hot mess. >>> good evening. i'm terry moran. we're going to begin tonight with a story about a child who may never know freedom again. at the age of 11, according to prosecutors, he allegedly shot his step mother who was pregnant at the time, on the way to school. what has transpired is a family in morning, a father's insistence on innocence, and a judge intent on try the child to the full extent of the law. >> it's a chime so haunting, so unthinkable. on february 20th, 2009, inside this farmhouse, kenzie houk, just two weeks away from giving birth to his first son, was asleep in bed. >> how excited was she? >> she was thrilled
have been sold in trust. why? because america has no limit on copper levels in beef. as a result the report says meat containing traces of the substances can reach the food supply. advocates say that is is a problem. >> over time as they accumulate in the body they can affect organs and cause organ failure. some of the residents could be carcinogen i can. >> u.s.d.a. spokesperson says the agency will implement all the reports recommendations. >>> tonight the watermain break near the hartford tunnel has been repaired. the main was fixed before 8:00 this morning. 20-inch main broke at 4:30 yesterday afternoon on keith avenue. the main was cut off quickly so water did not flood the nearby 895 avenue. >>> the weather front today no new water coming out of the sky. blue skies. sunny conditions. morning fog that was quick to burn off. look at the satellite imagery. you can see a few clouds in southern maryland. things clearing off this evening. that sets the stage for a cooloff into the night. we are at 61 at bwi marshall. rest of the evening quiet. falling in the 50s. clear skies. coo
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of the civil rights movement. >> she deserves a place of honor in america's memory. >> reporter: the crowd was made up of the whose who in washington. women in attendance paid tribute by wearing her signature hat. she was a fighter who wore her finallest into combat. >> you don't have to look like a battle exgoing into battle. >> reporter: for 40 years she lead negro women blazing a trail for justice. in 1940 she lobbied civil rights. in 1963 she helped organize the march in washington. she stood on the same stand with martin luther king but was disappointed that the speech didn't mention women's civil rights. height passed away last week as 91. she said her most important thing in life was at the end when a african-american took the oath of offers. office. >> the progress that ultimately made it possible for michelle and me to be here as president and first lady. >> reporter: lindsay davis abc 2 news. >>> the oil rig that exploded and burns in the gulf coast may be turning into an environment tragedy. the accident plunged the platform underwater where it is leaking oil uncontrollably. mas
. the national tea party removement is releasing the contracts from america that focuss on controlling federal spending and repelling healthcare reform. >>> of the more 500 local tea parties across the country maryland had its share in towsend. hundreds of people carrying flags and protest signs gathered in what they named the plaza for the day after bossily avenue. they are targeting wasteful government spending and taxation. the event featured an opened microphone for elected officials who ignored their interests. >> these individual rights have been eroded with things like the patriot act. the failed war on drugs and most resently government mandated healthcare. >> while many people suggested tea party interest are nonpartisan the conservative gathering blasting democratting lead democratic leaders. >>> time is up. this is the last day to get your taxes out to uncle sam. you can expect long lines at local postoffices. many people procrastinated this year. >> there are a million people out there that will be filing as of yesterday and today. there is a huge delay, i guess, at the end here. w
tonight on "nightline," biting back, an invasion is under way across america. millions of insects that feed on human blood, and they're really hard to kill. we join the fight against the new scourge of the bed bug. >>> forget about it. the sopranos, jersey shore, the real housewives. why is the garden state so made for tv, the big hair, we get real in new jersey. >>> plus, game changer. it's all eyes on florida today as a one time republican star defects by a tea party favorite on the rise. we're all access in the sunshine state for the "nightline" interview. >>> good evening. they may be small insects, but they're causing big problems. they don't discriminate between rich and poor, and they're happy in your home or even traveling in your luggage. decades after almost being exterminated, bed bugs are back, right across the country. not just beneath the bed lynnen but intesting entire buildings. why the sudden resurgence and what can you do to defend yourself and your home. jeremy hubbard now reports. >> reporter: smaller than an apple seed, resilient as a cockroach. bed bugs, thos
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is also national census day. the day households across america are being asked to return their census forms. 134 million were mailed out. some were delivered by dog sleds. census bureau says it could save $1.5 billion if everyone mailed their census forms back. starting in may they'll head to every address that got a form but did not mail it back. >>> baltimore city residents have been wdslow in sending in their census forms. the city is below the national average. but above some other cities of the same size. roosevelt leftwich is joining us with more on why some folks slow on sending in the forms. >> reporter: it is only ten questions. for some folks it might as well be 100. census form takes to do. in some households ten minutes of work takes weeks to get done. freeze the picture there and let's start counting. one, two, three, four, five, six, the guy in the hat is seven. just for time's sake let's tell you there are 17 visible people in this picture. why is it hard for people to count the members of their own family? i'm going home to complete my census. >> how important is it t
to sacramento. >>> ahead on "america this morning," international outrage after an american mother sends her adopted son back to russia alone. now, it could prevent other americans from adoption. >>> and a frantic rescue as rising floodwaters carry a woman away. [ female announcer ] any hair can shine in the spotlight, but aveeno hair shines in real life. introducing a whole new kind of shine from aveeno nourish plus. when hair is damaged, the cuticle doesn't reflect light well. with active naturals wheat protein, these formulas target and smooth damage so light reflects more visibly. [ female announcer ] a study showed 75% more shine after just one use. real shine, for real life. yours. [ female announcer ] visit for a free sample from the new nourish plus shine collection. that's the beauty of nature and science. to get more of the fiber you need every day, try fiberchoice. with the natural fiber found in fruits and vegetables and 33% more fiber per serving than benefiber. go to o get savings and rewards. >>> it could be a big week on wall street. first quarter c
and gender equality in america. representative elijah cummings said of dr. heights, "in the press and history books, her time was often overshadowed by the men in the civil rights movement. however, in the hearts and minds of the millions she touched, she will never be forgotten." >> and "as a generation of civil rights leaders pass away, it is important that we take time to teach our children about the sacrifices we made to ensure our government treats each individual with dignity. ." >> funeral arrangements have been announced for archbishop william borders. the 13th ar shall bishop died yesterday from colon cancer. he was 96 years old. a public viewing take place thursday at 10:30 at the cathedral of mary our queen located at 5200 north charles street. and on friday, reverend borders' funeral will begin at 1:00 p.m. >>> the man who successfully brought down the mayor, robert warbah announced he will step down as maryland state prosecutor when his six-year term expires in september. his construction investigation of the former mayor led to her resignation earlier this year. another high pr
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and gives you more of what cable doesn't. the best channel lineup and more hd. america's top-rated internet. even facebook and twitter on your tv. enjoy a bigger, better entertainment experience. and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you'll pay the same low price year after year. call now and you'll also get a free dvr for 6 months. get it all for just $99.99 a month with a two-year agreement -- a price guaranteed for two years! don't wait. call 1-877-4fiostv. that's 1-877-4fiostv. this is beyond cable. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities this is fios. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >>> a look at news around the nation. we start in florida where a 3- year-old boy missing turned up in new york city. police says he unharmed and had a note in his pocket giving his name and other information. he was reportedly dropped off by a couple. the boy's mother is facing counter fit charges and said she handed the boy to the couple when she was arrested. investigators are still searching for the couple. >>> a close call for a surfer in hawaii when a shark took a bite out of his fun. t
and stays low? look no further than fios. now pay just $99.99 a month for verizon fios tv, america's top-rated internet, and phone guaranteed for 2 years. that's fios price protection, and it saves you hundreds of dollars. fios delivers the best channel lineup at comes with paying the saow price evy month. call 1.888.get.fios now to lock in $99.99 with a 2-year agreement. a price guaranteed for 2 years. we'll even include a free dvr for 6 months. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >>> all right. take a look at this. this appears to be a tornado. that hit near amarillo, texas and west texas, at bushland. at this point, no word on damage or injuries. >>> all right. thanks for joining us, wednesday morning. chilly right now. >> here is meteorologist justin berk with the weather. >> reporter: all right. good morning. here we go. temperatures in the 40s for the most part. clouds and showers trying to make a return. we have a goo showing up at the bay, but 31 and back up to 48 in westminster. again, that rain knocking just to the west. it looks like
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